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I’m Sofia, an advertising executive from Boston, MA. I’ve recently made a move to Boston from my hometown of Medford, Oregon. Well, it is recent, if you consider two years ago as recently. In any case, this considerable life change set things into motion in other areas of my life.

Work-wise, things have never been better. I recently got a coveted promotion, and as of the last month, I have been working out of my very own office. Sure, it’s not very big, but it indeed is a step-up from my ill-placed cubicle that somehow never seemed to be warm or cold enough. The late nights I spent working for the campaigns of one of our biggest West Coast clothing clients paid off, and I now head my very own team catering to retail and fashion clients.

Honestly, I have found a great deal of professional fulfillment at the agency I currently work at. However, the journey to getting here required many sacrifices. I compromised on my eating habits and social life more than anything else. Late nights meant virtually no time to meal-prep for the next day. On most weekdays, I’d wake up and rush to work to beat rush hour traffic. Breakfast was usually grabbed from Starbucks and laden with much-needed sugar, sodium, and caffeine. I mean, if I was going to sit and make a presentation on a 6-hour notice, I needed all the stimulants my Caffe Macchiato could lend me.

In this bargain, I ended up gaining a ton of weight and the accompanying self-esteem problems built up to a point where I felt tired at the slightest amount of physical activity. This prompted me on a journey to find a program or solution that could help me lose weight and sculpt a body that I was proud of. Most importantly, I wanted to be fit and strong.

My Steadily Growing Weight Problem

Although things at work and even with my personal life were great, I found myself in a position where food became my most potent source of comfort. Right from when I woke up in the morning to when I had my last meal of the day, I used food as a reward or stimulant to keep me going.

Need to make a presentation on a deadline? Fuel up on coffee and doughnuts.

Have a lunch meeting? Eat a lot of buttered bread while waiting.

Late nights working on a proposal? Order in greasy takeout and wash it down with soda.

It eventually boiled down to a point where I couldn’t stop thinking about the sad state of my body and how terribly lethargic I felt all the time. I was consumed by scary thoughts of how I was losing control over myself and my body. None of my clothes fit and literally nothing else I tried to do made me happy anymore. Even after my promotion, when I could actually afford to go and socialize, I found my weight acting as a barrier to confidently connecting with people.

One fine day, I’d had enough. I decided that it was time to change and that too, with urgency. I realized that the way I was sacrificing my health and being callous with my food habits would take a toll. More than anything, it was a sense of fear that I was letting go of the precious health that helped me rein in unhealthy habits.

I finally got on the scale and weighed myself after almost 18 months. In this time I had let myself gain a considerable 45 pounds. With a 5.8’ frame, I was pushing down on 195 lbs. This number was what motivated me to buck up and get going on the road to recovery and good health.

In this period, I experimented with a Ketogenic diet and tried my hand at as many exercises as I could from home. Since I had put on a lot of weight, I was a bit conscious of diving right into a gym-rat life. Instead, I took the stairs to my 8th-floor office every single time. I found some exercises on Pinterest and Instagram that used no equipment. It was torturous at the beginning, no doubt. However, with time, my resistance and stamina improved considerably. I took calcium and Vitamin-D supplements to ensure that I was not losing out on any crucial nutrients or that I didn’t end up with any deficiencies.

In the three months that I was on the Ketogenic diet, I lost almost 25 pounds. After this period, I continued with a low-carb diet, but I integrated fruits into most of my meals. I felt that the nutritional boost which fruits could provide was simply incomparable. I also began going to yoga classes during my lunch hour at a local studio. However, I scarcely could enjoy the process as one part of me was always wondering about what was happening at work. Eventually, I stopped with my lunch-time yoga classes since they didn’t give me what I wanted – a sense of peace, and a good workout.

At this time, I was on the lookout for a workout solution that could take away my stubborn mommy-weight. Luckily for me, my friend from college had the perfect solution! Arlene was my friend back from when we were at the University of Oregon. We were both Advertising majors, and after college, we even interned together at a Portland Digital Marketing agency. Eventually, I moved to Boston, and we lost touch. In November last year, she hit me up on Facebook and wanted to meet when she came to meet her brother’s fiancé and her family in Tallahassee. I was elated.

Now, when we met, I was still more massive from when Arlene knew me. I may have lost 25 pounds, but compared to our time together, she was bound to find me fatter. Moreover, she did. Luckily enough, she also seemed to have the perfect solution for me to get rid of the last and most difficult 20 pounds.

If you’re struggling with achieving lasting weight loss and need a little boost for your body, read on.

Why Did I Decide To Try Yoga Burn?

So although Arlene is a close friend of mine and somebody I would trust with my life. I was still a little sceptical and cynical about the results that can be achieved through just a video workout regime. I had really struggled with workouts and exercises for the last six months to have noticed a 25-pound weight loss. So, was this program going to help me? I mean, lots of products out there show results for those who need to lose 10 or 15 pounds, but could they help with something as significant as 20 or 25 pounds?

To find answers, I skipped directly to find out what the internet had to say. I saw loads of online reviews that spoke of the fantastic results that had been noticed with Zoe Cotton-Bray’s video workouts. She was creating a perfect mix of effective regimes by combining old and new techniques.

I found reviews from many stay-at-home moms, middle-aged women, and even young professionals like me. They claimed that the video regime helped them achieve a toned muscle mass and that they were easy to follow. Some spoke about how they were relieved that the videos required no extra equipment. Others were sold by the short duration of this effective workout. As I read ahead, I found that a majority of the dedicated users of this program had enjoyed the results it produced. The key emphasis here was on ‘dedicated’. I knew that if I wanted success, I would have to be incredibly focused and goal-oriented.

I found a sliver of hope, and during research; I resurfaced with a new goal – booty to die for.

My butt has never really been an area for concern till two years ago. Before this period, I was actively involved in exercise or workout in form or the other. It used to be Sunday morning tennis with my father till I lived at home. In college, I took lessons with my friends at our rec center and even experimented with new workouts. This was also where I had my first brush with Yoga. Even when I was interning, I made sure to squeeze in a run around the park or some swimming when I could. At that time, weight loss wasn’t as much the problem, as stress-release was. However, it reminded me of an important thing. When I exercised holistically, my body responded kindly and remained healthy.

What’s the Deal with Yoga?

I first got acquainted with Yoga during college. Our university’s rec center offered a bunch of exciting classes and workout options. Their Yoga class had its share of loyalists who swore by how practicing helped them deal with life’s many challenges. The ancient practice originated in ancient India, and initially, it was a way of life.

A friend of mine from Media Studies was a regular at Yoga and often spoke about how it ensured that he slept like a baby. I hadn’t thought about this for years, but it was all coming back to me now. I also remember the way he claimed that it stretched out all his muscles making him ready to workout at the gym. Kevin was the most committed fit person I know. A total gym-rat, if I may. Even today, his Instagram page is full of him trying to reach new personal bests at the gym.

For those of you who are not aware, yoga has many remedial and holistic benefits that accompany the regular practice. I’ll elaborate on some benefits that I have personally experienced since I took on Yoga –

Reduced Pain: Yoga builds muscle strength and strengthens the core over time. Now, I can’t really complain about pain. I don’t have any serious chronic pain problems either. However, given how my weight had increased, my knees had taken quite a beating. Even my shoulders were sore on some nights. I had to be careful of my sleeping position to prevent any injuries or sprains. My posture was the main problem here. Practicing yoga regularly helps in correcting posture troubles, as well as the accompanying aches or pains.

Flexibility: One of the most impactful things I noticed upon starting my yoga journey with Yoga Burn Booty was that my flexibility had improved tremendously. For someone whose job involves sitting for most of the day, my flexibility was totally down in the dumps. I wasn’t really as agile as earlier. However, within the first few weeks of the program, I noticed that my flexibility had improved significantly.

Happiness Levels: Another important benefit I have felt through yoga is an increase in my happiness levels. Since yoga reconnects to your inner self, it helps you feel calmer. For me, when I am practicing yoga, I can look at the blessing in my life and stay positive.

While there are many other benefits I’ve noticed of Yoga, these are the three that I felt almost instantly. When Yoga is practiced properly, it can help you in a variety of ways. However, this art is difficult to master without the right guidance. Not everyone who practices yoga is qualified enough to guide others properly. What’s more is that it is easy to get distracted from your practice, especially if you’re tied down in the pace of everyday life.

With Yoga Burn Booty’s workouts, I found that the holistic benefits of yoga get coupled with practical guidance. This made me even more convinced that I should keep practicing as and when I could. Given how short the time-frame is for the workouts, I had no trouble incorporating it into my routine. Consequently, the results I desired followed.

What Exactly Does The Yoga Burn Booty Program Consist Of?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the person behind the Yoga Burn Booty Program. This well-known yoga instructor has developed this effective follow-along online yoga program. A little research showed me that she has been teaching this practice for over a decade across the country’s most respected and renowned gyms and yoga studios. The entire Yoga Burn Program series is said to be developed from her expertise in dealing with a variety of clients. This intensive program has been created and customized with women looking to lose weight and keep it off in mind. The Yoga Burn series focuses on teaching you poses that increase the overall metabolic rate of the body. This increased capacity helps in burning fat while simultaneously toning the whole body.

In the case of the Yoga Burn Booty videos, the booty-sculpting program works in three phases. I’ll detail each stage out in the next section. But what I felt before starting with the plan was that this gave the entire lower body, core, and even upper body a much-needed boost, I realized that merely toning one area of the body is not possible without actively altering and working on the entire body.

The Three Phases of the Yoga Burn Booty Program

The Yoga Burn Booty Program is an intensive booty sculpting program, and it indeed isn’t for the faint of heart. People consider this product to be revolutionary owing to its unique three-step process.

Prime – Activate – Pump

This P.A.P system, according to the official website, helps your body get the right exercise, in the right order, and for the right time. Additionally, the site claims that it works out all three sections of the gluteus to maximum potential. This exercise regime shows effective results with the right mix of discipline and dedication. Moreover, it does all this without requiring any extra investment in terms of equipment or supplies.

The Yoga Burn Booty Program lasts for 12 weeks. The program contains 15-minute routines that have been designed to work out your problem area to its maximum capacity, unlocking its full potential. Each routine set follows the P.A.P custom format for maximum performance.

Let’s take a look at each phase properly.

Phase One: Priming

The first phase in each workout of the Yoga Burn Booty program starts with the Priming Phase. Now, in the case of most of us, we’re turning to this program without much prior exercise experience. Our bodies at the start of this program are not really close to fit or toned. In most cases, our muscles haven’t been properly engaged, and it shows. One common problem that women of all ages face is the ‘Sleepy Butt Syndrome’.

The ‘Sleepy Butt Syndrome’ refers to the state when the glutes muscles become flat and loose, primarily due to remaining dormant and unengaged for long periods. This is a syndrome most commonly noticed among people who lead sedentary lives and who don’t engage their glute muscles much in the course of every day. Most commonly, this is also called ‘Pancake Butt’ in many circles. As a person whose job involves sitting for long periods, my booty was virtually non-existent and desperately in need of the right kind of exercise.

Usually, women end up spending time on cardio and with other warm-ups like jumping jacks and jogging to boost their glutes. However, none of these seems to produce any valid results. The key point here is that these exercises aren’t targeting all the three individual muscles present in the glutes. This is why it’s difficult to engage this part correctly and consequently, you don’t see a big difference in your ‘Pancake Butt’ problem.

On the other hand, the Priming Phase effectively engages the three major muscle groups in the butt, including the Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, and the Gluteus Maximus. By employing movements in a specific sequence, it helps in triggering a mind-muscle connection. Moreover, the movements themselves help in optimally warming up all the muscle groups. Surely, these Priming movements are useful in getting closer to the end goal of a ‘bootylicious butt’. However, that’s not all.

From a safety perspective, exercises must be performed with the right form to prevent injuries. Additionally, for a layperson, it is necessary to complete the movements right so that the ligaments, hamstrings, joints, and bones are not endangered in any way. Warm-up movements ensure that this doesn’t happen.

In the Priming Phase of the Yoga Burn Booty Program, all three sections of the glutes are warmed up. This prevents any pressure on the ligaments or joints, keeping you safe from injuries.

After you have completed the Priming phase, the glute muscles are ready to work at max capacity using the body’s weight as the source of resistance. By doing so, it provides an intense workout to the target area. The first phase of this program is comparatively shorter, but it readies the body for the next section of the workout.

Phase Two: Activating

As it must be clear by now, for achieving the perfect booty, you must engage all three sections of the glutes. In the case of this second phase of Yoga Burn Booty, the focus lies on creating this effect in your body. The movements that make up this phase include challenging moves that have been crafted to work on every single muscle group in the booty-area. Moreover, this is done in a specific order to extract maximum effect out. These movements make you work until the muscles are fatigued.

By fully immersing each of the muscles in your booty, this workout focuses on growing your derriere without bulking up your thighs. Now, this particular effect was the most important one for me. I don’t have anything against the #ThickThighsSaveLives Committee, but I didn’t want to bulk up too much. In this scenario, the Activate Phase was a godsend. The Yoga Burn Booty videos helped me tone, tighten, and lift my glutes like nothing else has been able to.

The exercises in this phase really challenge your booty and make it burn. This is how you know it’s really working and changing everything down there. By pumping up the intensity, the Activation phase helps you get closer to a fuller, firmer, and rounder booty in no time.

For me, the final minutes of the workouts in this phase were incredibly strenuous, but I always soldiered on. This ensured that I found the results that I was looking for.

Phase Three: Pumping

The final stage in this Yoga Burn Booty Program is called the ‘Pump Phase’. This phase includes a series of unusual movements that have been designed to lift and pump the muscles in the booty specifically. This essentially means that the exercises in this set help in tightening your butt muscles so that they are enlarged naturally and holistically. More than just helping them become strong, this phase and its exercises focus on giving these muscles a fuller appearance.

I read on the official website that these pumping moves really boost the metabolic rate so that even after 48 hours, the blood flow ensures that the muscles in this area are being worked. This afterburn effect helps tremendously in ensuring that your short workouts have a long-term impact on the body. With this afterburn effect, the body essentially ends up burning a lot more stubborn fat deposits that line your abdomen, hips, waist and even back.

What stuck with me about this workout was that in spite of its short duration, there was a lot that continued to happen in my body afterward.

I still use the workout in this phase to give my butt a sort of ‘push-up’ or lift effect before any major event or when I want to be at my best. I’ve noticed that my backside is much more plumped and boosted even with two or three sessions of the 15-minute workouts. I mean, yeah, they’re intense, but that’s all that is required actually to produce visible effects.

Additional Features

For most of us, correct form and posture aren’t naturally ingrained in our bodies. We need some or the other type of guidance to push us in the right direction. So, when I was going to start with the Yoga Burn Booty program, I was thrilled to have some useful bonus additions to guide me.

One of the first things this program teaches us is how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in the average fitness journey. For example, most women tend to overdo it with cardio, hoping to achieve weight loss and muscle tone. This is such a folly. Well, even I wasn’t aware until I saw the additional features of the program. I learned that beginner fitness classes don’t have much to offer and usual cardio-vascular exercises stimulate the production of stress-causing chemicals in the body. They end up causing more harm than good.

Apart from such useful tips and a list of mistakes to avoid, there was other stuff too. There is a small e-book guide that accompanied my purchase. This guide has information related to losing the maximum amount of fat in a minimum amount of time. Needless to say, for those of us who want to shed the poundage without compromising on our curves, this guide has a lot of advice and insight to offer.

The Yoa Burn Booty set also comes equipped with a recipe book that’s loaded with delicious recipes for fat-burning meals. So, while the workout videos help you shed the weight, the recipes will keep you on track by maintaining your weight loss. Even if you’re a horrible cook like me, the step-by-step instruction format keeps things simple enough to understand and follow. I really like some of the meals included in this book as they’re tasty without being overwhelming to prepare or shop for.

In the case of the Immersion Bones (which I opted for), you’ll find a guide with detailed answers to your most pressing weight-loss and fitness questions. The community online of others who have opted for this Program is probably one of the most exciting aspects. This support group of sorts really helps when you want to know that there are more people like you with similar challenges, and goals. You’ll be surprised to find more tips and tricks from your counterparts in this community.

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The Benefits of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

There are a ton of benefits that I must have already spoken about while detailing my experience of this Program. However, here are some of the best benefits of the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge.

Easy to Implement: Look, it’s not rocket science. While this program may consist of moves that you may not have performed before, it is not anything too challenging. I wasn’t a pro at the fitness life, and even I could follow along and make this program a part of my life. I’m sure it will easily fit into your lie and daily routine too.

No Extra Equipment Required: The straightforward exercises in this program are in a simple, follow-along format. They don’t require you to invest in any extra workout equipment, gear or machinery. So all you invest is just the nominal amount you spend on the Program itself.

Free Trial Period: Look, I understand that not everyone can spend 50$+ on a workout program unless they’re sure that it is for them. So, the company has this awesome feature where you get to try this program free of cost for the initial months. This way you have a keener sense of whether or not it is something worth investing in.


There are two different options for the Yoga Burn Booty Program, and they each have a different price. The first version is the more condensed format of the program, and it costs around $37. It includes a physical and digital copy for ease of access and versatility. The second version costs $57 and comes with one digital and two paper-based copies.

While more than one person can use each option at a time, it makes sense to split costs with a close friend or family member if you’re on a tight budget.


Unlike a product or supplement that you consume, this Program is a follow-along video. So obviously, it is only as effective as you put effort into it. The only probable disadvantage that I can think of is that this program demands disciple and commitment to show its results. You will actually have to put in the effort, time, and dedication to get in the results that you want to witness.

If you’re easily demotivated or distracted, this program may not be for you. However, if you are ready to transform your body and sculpt it into the best version, the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is for you!

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Might take longer than 12 weeks depending on your fitness level
  • Great Price
  • Digital and Physical Copies
  • 12 Weeks
Only 15 Minutes

What I like about the Yoga Booty Challenge (Pros)

  • Available in digital and physical format
  • You can instantly download the workouts after you purchase and get started right away
  • Great price! The price is very affordable
  • 100% money-back guarantee – you can try the program for yourself for 60 days and if you decide it’s not what you expected you can get a full refund.
  • It’s straightforward to follow, and any fitness level can participate
  • It can fit into any schedule, you don’t need to go to a yoga class at an expensive studio or pay a monthly gym membership. You can do the whole program in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.
  • Low time commitment – you only need 15 minutes to complete a workout! 15 minutes is easy to fit into any schedule.
  • Zoe has many years of experience as a personal trainer has helped many women transform their bodies

Things to be aware of (Con’s)

  • Results will be different from person to person. You need to have realistic expectations.
  • The results you get will be dependent on the effort you put in as well as other factors like genetics, metabolism, eating habits, and body type.
  • It requires patience and commitment. Like any other workout program, it is ultimately up to you to make the determination and be consistent with your efforts.

Who Should Buy Yoga Burn Booty Challenge?

Women were the focus while developing this program. So if you’re a woman who needs a boost to get back on track with your weight loss goals, this program is for you. If you’re dissatisfied with your body, and especially the butt region, this program may be for you.

More than just giving you information, this follow-along video teaches you how to perform moves that help you get desired results accurately. If you’re someone with virtually no experience with exercising, this video will help you. Additionally, if you just need to reconnect with your fitter self, this program has many benefits to offer you.

Right from stay-at-home moms, and middle-aged women, to working professionals and even students, this program is sure to help women across all ages reach their sculpting goals.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this program is the perfect blend of all that you need in an effective workout routine. Especially for those who want a booty to die for, this program can bring results if you remain dedicated and follow along religiously.

Additionally, this is not a one-step-instant-fix type of program. To enjoy lasting results, you actually have to make lifestyle changes. This comprehensive program shows the best results when you combine it with a regular, low-calorie meal plan and lots of water intake.

While many programs that bring in positive results tend to be complicated and time-consuming, this Yoga Burn Booty Program is a smarter and simpler alternative. I hope this program helps you in achieving results that are tangible and long-lasting.


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