Singorama Review – Is This Vocal Course Worth the Money?


Description: Singorama is a complete online singing course developed by Australian Singer/Vocal Coach Melanie Alexander and partners to provide singers with well-round training for singing.

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  • $99.95 – Digital Download (Singorama 2.0)
  • $299.95 – Actual Product
  • $27 Monthly – for Inner Circle Platinum Members

Overall Rating: 4/5
Course Duration:

  • More than 6 Weeks (Depending On Your Speed)
  • 28 Audio Lessons with Vocal Exercises, and New Songs to Practice on
  • Comes with a PDF Workbook
  • Includes Special Software

Skill Level: A Course for Beginners and Average Singers


  • Different lessons with a ton of material included in the course
  • Comes with studio software for practice sessions and song recording
  • Gives you an option for a cheaper instant download
  • Provides all the basics to sing correctly
  • Cash Back Guarantee within 60 Days
  • Before committing to the full course, you can try Singorama’s 5-day singing course – free


  • A number of materials to go through (this may take some time)
  • Actual Product is Pricey (but you can opt for the instant download anyway)
  • Includes a lot of materials that it can be hard to use them all
  • You need a fast and reliable connection to download the product
  • Has no option for MP3/CD copies – you can only go through the lessons on your computer or laptop

This Course Will Work Best If…

  1. You’re a beginner and you want to become a good singer fast
  2. You can sing naturally but you wish to take your singing skills to the next level
  3. You want to enhance your tone, control, pitch, and other singing fundamentals
  4. You are looking for risk-free vocal training
  5. Learning by your laptop and computer is no problem at all for you

Experiences With Singorama


If you have read my reviews here at Deviant Noise about other singing courses, you know that I love to learn – especially learning how to sing. However, among all of the courses I have tried, I have not finished this course yet.

I tried some of the materials and based on what I have seen so far and my knowledge gained from other vocal courses, I can say that Singorama is worth trying out. It is as good as the other vocal lessons I have tried.

There is a reason Singorama is “the fundamental guide for singers.” It provides you with all the information needed to improve your voice and sing better.

Until That Day…

Of course, I want to go through the entire program and finish it to provide you with detailed information about how the program works. But until that day, let’s just say that there is a reason this program became so popular.

I know some people who had tried this course and finished it. They had such good feedback about it. They were the ones who made the recommendation. That’s why I tried it out myself.

I have tried other software similar to those included in this program. Pitch and recording programs are necessary for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice.

Another Person’s Account

Christine loves singing and wishes to improve her singing skills, so she tried the program. She is a natural-born singer but wants some proper training. She tried this program and devoted two months to finish the course and practice diligently.

People who listen to hear sing after taking the program could distinguish the improvement in her voice. The results were simply dramatic.

Since she didn’t have a great breathy voice, she would normally use her head voice while singing. Just after the first lesson, she started to notice changes.

A Dramatic Change

After the second lesson, she learned how to sing in mix voice, and that resulted in such a dramatic change in her singing voice. By that time, she realized that she’s on the right track. She’s on her way to becoming a professional singer. That was the happiest moment for her.

Despite her great improvement, Christine continues to practice regularly. When it comes to any skill or craft, you have to practice constantly, even after learning from the best vocal lessons.

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My Advice

Do you want to improve your vocals and sing better? Then, I recommend that you try this course. The benefits you will get will be worth more than its price of $99.

The special software included in this program is just awesome. Not only will it help you improve your vocals, but it will also make sure you sound like a professional during song recording.

Beginners and experienced singers alike will surely benefit from Singorama. Just continue practicing and this program will help you get to the point where you will just keep on improving.

With some useful materials and the program’s cash back guarantee within 60 days, $99 is a decent price. If you feel that there is no improvement with your voice during the first four weeks, you can ask for a refund.

More About Singorama

Applicable For Any Singing Skill Level

Whether you are just learning how to sing, or you already know how to sing but want to become better, Singorama will work for you. Even professional singers will find the program helpful in improving their singing voice.

A full online singing course that has enough materials enables users to learn continuously for a long time. Singorama also includes special exclusive software you can use to record your voice like a professional singer.

It has various lessons, workbooks and special software to help you as you go through the program. The product contains a variety of techniques that will enable you to sing properly.

What To Expect


The program thoroughly discusses music theory, breathing techniques, posture, harmony, and a lot of other stuff that first-time singers may not know. The course is made up of a variety of lessons that will highlight a particular topic.


Aside from the lessons that will help you become a better singer, the program also tackles other important aspects of singing such as your stage presence as you perform live. It shows you different ways of expressing yourself while you are performing.

As a bonus, Singorama has lessons about writing your songs. This section will teach you the fundamentals of songwriting and is an awesome bonus that other online singing courses don’t have.

28 Different Audio Tutorials

Part One – Getting Started

Lesson One: Introduction and How-To Understand Your Voice
Lesson Two: Voice Strengthening
Lesson Three: Loaded Sonancy Method

The first part of the course serves as an introduction. It will help you learn more about your vocals. You have to practice a variety of warm-up exercises that will teach you how to enhance and build up your voice. Proper breathing and proper posture is also a part of Part 1. These sections contain all the essential knowledge that you need to become a better singer. The vocal exercises include:

  • warm up scales,
  • the siren,
  • the lip roll,
  • the 121 vocal exercise
  • and many more

Part Two – Voice Techniques

Lesson Four: Tone
Lesson Five: Staying in Tune – Pitch
Lesson Six: Bridged Vocalization (Head Voice and Chest Voice)
Lesson Seven: Avoiding Bad Habits
Lesson Eight: Octave Power Generator Part 1 (Extending Your Range)

Part 2 tackles the different vocal techniques, which are all the valuable information. You will discover techniques that will ensure you sound great as you sing. You will also learn about the various kinds of voices a person has.

Audio Lesson 7 is an amazing part. It tackles the different mistakes that many singers commit. You want to stay away from these bad habits.

The second part of the software goes into increasing the range of your voice. The range is one aspect of singing that all singers want to accomplish, and Singorama will teach you how to do this.

Part Three – The Essentials of Music Theory

Lesson Nine: Rhythm, Key Signatures, and Time Signatures
Lesson Ten: Minor and Major Keys (The Solfege System)
Lesson Eleven: Solfege and Intervals

Part 3 covers the technical side of things. Although it may sound boring, music theory essentials are very important so don’t skip over this part. There are many things to learn about music theory. To create beautiful music, learning the essentials of music theory is highly important.

Things such as key signatures, time signatures and rhythm, and music intervals are some of the things you have to grasp to produce great music.

The Solfege System helps you to read music, pick up harmony, and learn songs – a big help in training and improving your voice.

Part Four – Styles of Singing

Lesson Twelve: Different Singing Styles
Lesson Thirteen: Recognizing Progressive Intervals
Lesson Fourteen: Singing a Variety of Music Genres
The fourth section of the program is all about the different singing styles. It includes a variety of music styles and different music genres.

Part Five – Analyzing the Song

Lesson 15: Song Meaning Comprehension – Lyrics and Overall Tone
Lesson 16: Song Meaning Comprehension – Emotion & Personality
Lesson 17: Creating Your Song
Lesson 18: Learning Full Songs Part One
Lesson 19: Learning Full Songs Part Two

The fifth part of the course is all about analyzing a song, understanding its meaning, and knowing its inner workings. These are fun stuff. Unlike other online singing courses, you will learn full and complete songs at Singorama. Based on the tones, emotions, personality, and lyrics, you will learn the song’s meaning. You will learn how to create your song and sing other songs.

Part Six – Moving Forward in Your Music Career

Lesson 20: Common Problem Solutions
Lesson 21: Your Future Career as a Singer
Lesson 22: Octave Power Generator Part 2
Lesson 23: Tips for Performing Live
Lesson 24: How to Nail Auditions
Lesson 25: Your First Songwriting
Lesson 26: Singing with a Band
Lesson 27: Overcoming Stage Fright
Lesson 28: Final Analysis

After you have learned all the fundamentals of singing, this section discusses all the other things you need as you move towards becoming a professional singer. It covers a variety of issues any singers face – live performance tips, auditions and how to ace them, songwriting, and singing with a band. It also tackles other difficulties such as conquering stage fright.

The Octave Power Generator Part Two is in this part of the program that will enable you to expand the range of your voice and improve your vocal power.




Singorama comes with a PDF workbook, which serves as a guide for the different lessons. It also includes another workbook, which will teach you the different ways of reading music.

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Since most likely you will be working with other musicians, reading music is one skill that you have to understand and learn.


Training Software for Perfect Pitch
Software for Mini Recording Studio

This course includes special software, which serves both as a pitch-training course and as a small recording studio. This software is very helpful when it comes to mastering your voice. Recording and analyzing your voice will enable you to determine if you are singing properly and if you are improving.

There is a difference between hearing you sing and sounding to others. Your voice also sounds different on a recording. This program’s special software is Singorama’s edge over other singing courses. The pitch-training program also makes it an even better course.

Aside from these, you will also get something to help you sight-read music that is still a very important aspect of becoming a singer. If you have your music sheet, sight-reading music will enable you to sing different songs with ease.

Final Thoughts on Singorama

Singorama may contain different parts, but it is an amazing program in its entirety. The bonuses alone make the course worth its price. If you don’t mind learning through your computer, then this will be a great course for you.

The audio lessons comprise the bulk of the program. The book added in the program contains a variety of reading materials to help you as you go through the course.

A Course for All

You don’t have to read the entire book. You can just study either the first or just the second section. The first section is designed especially for novices; the other section is for advanced singers. The links in the workbook will take you to the related audio lesson. This feature makes flipping between examples an easy task.

Singorama comes with two more books. One is covered music reading while the other is about a variety of techniques to sing properly. Since this product contains over 1GB of software with some audio files, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. Otherwise, it may take some time to download them all.

Or Perhaps Not…

You may choose to try another online vocal training if you don’t prefer to learn on your computer or laptop. You can go for either a Superior Singing Method of Singing Success. Since these programs are audio and video-based, they are easier to practice and follow especially if you are always on the go.

The Greatest Part

The best part of the program is the amount of material and information you can acquire. The software package can be quite expensive but the number of materials and lessons you will get makes the program’s expensiveness understandable.

The Flaw

If you have any questions, or you need some clarifications, there is no one to answer your inquiries. If you want to receive feedback from a voice instructor, then you may consider either Superior Singing Method (It has an area for online help).


Overall, Singorama is a great program. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate singer, or an advanced singer, Singorama has something to offer that will help you learn the fundamentals of singing and sing even better.

Personally, I like the other vocal training lessons reviewed here at They are more conducive to my method of learning, and they are simpler to use.

If learning by your computer is no problem at all, then this course might just be right for you. I suggest you try it out.

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