Man Sleep Review – All You Need To Know About The New MitaNutra Supplement!


Man Sleep is a formula of potent herbal ingredients that help men boost their anabolic burst wave sleep and overall sleep quality.

It looks to improve men’s hormonal levels and life-quality by doing so.

This completely herbal breakthrough was formulated by Chad Howse and his team of experts at the Mitanutra Dietary Supplements.

They have selected the ingredients of this formula to help men get deep sleep easily.

This will increase the frequency with which they enter hormone boosting anabolic burst wave sleep.

With this, men will wake up well-rested and energetic to face the new day with enhanced testosterone levels.

Man Sleep – Best Sleep Formula To Enhance The Production Of Testosterone?

This Man Sleep review will look at the ingredients of this formula and how they work.

This should give you a fair idea if the Man Sleep supplement has any negative effects.

Also, we will compare the real benefits of this formula from the Man Sleep reviews with its claims to see if it is a legitimate solution.

What Is Mitanutra Man Sleep Supplement?

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Man Sleep is a patented formula designed exclusively for men.

It contains 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to help men with their sleep patterns by numerous recent studies.

This way, the Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement aims to help men fall into anabolic burst wave sleep more often, increasing the production of male hormones such as testosterone.

Falling asleep is often hard for us, men.

Getting a good night’s sleep for a couple of nights in a row is out of the question.

Our jobs, family life, societal burdens, pollution, politics, and even the very food we eat, cause erratic changes in our sleep quality.

Hectic work hours and graveyard shifts always ensure that we get insufficient sleep.

This has far-reaching implications for a man’s health.

Such decline and disarray in our sleep patterns leave us drained and spent.

However, the Man Sleep supplement looks to rewrite all this.

This is a formula that will help the production of male hormones in your body, while you sleep.

This will help you wake up revitalized and energetic.

You will have a measurable boost in your confidence with its use.

What’s more? Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement will even help improve your sex life.

All of this, regardless of how old you are, how many hours you sleep, or how good your sleep quality.

You will be able to shed the excess fat from your body and keep yourself fit with the combination of Man Sleep ingredients and a good night’s sleep.

You will be the reflection of confidence and strength from your gym to your workplace and bedroom and will be able to make intense love to your partner with the renewed testosterone levels.

Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement hands you back the reigns to your life.

Leaving it to you to decide when and how to stop.

The incredible effects of this formula are all thanks to the combination of its ingredients.

We will take a look at them below. But before that, let us learn a little about the creators.

Who Created Man Sleep?

Chad Howse was your typical American man, some years ago.

The corporate life had left him spent.

And his sleep pattern, as well as his testosterone levels, were all over the place.

Upon learning that most of the male sleep supplements at the time contained estrogen-boosting elements, he set out to create his own, scientific and proven formula.

This is what led to the creation of the Mitanutra company and the Man Sleep supplement formula.

Today, this formula is helping thousands of men with their well-being.

Mitanutra is one of the most trusted laboratories at present and the manufacturer of several herbal supplements with a growing userbase.

They continue the research for natural remedies for many of the health issues we face today.

Man Sleep Ingredients

The potent herbal formula of the Man Sleep supplement is at the root of all of its benefits.

These are 100% natural herbs and compounds that have been proven to have a greater impact on Men’s health.

These rare and potent elements are sourced from some of the most trusted sources in the world.

The stringent quality standards ensure their potency and safety.

Let us go through the Mansleep ingredients briefly.

  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Valerian Root
  • Lemon Balm
  • Glycine
  • Chamomile
  • Passion Flower

Magnesium Citrate

This is the key element of the Man Sleep formula.

This is one element from the periodic table that has the most effect on your anabolic burst wave sleep.

It has been shown to reactivate receptors in the brain known as GABA which help you get to the hormone boosting stage.

Magnesium is also very important in the production of testosterone and other male hormones.

This element helps you free fall into a deep sleep, faster.

Valerian Root

While the magnesium switches on the GABA receptors, Valerian improves their overall health and function.

This helps prevent them from breaking down or stopping altogether.

It boosts GABA’s health to improve testosterone production.

In addition, valerian has been known to improve your overall energy and mood.

It helps get rid of brain fog and confusion by enhancing your thinking and cognition.

Lemon Balm

This is a very well-known herb that induces sleep.

Lemon balm helps your body and mind relax to help you fall asleep, faster.

This herb boosts the effects of Valerian root by up to 81% according to some studies.

It helps improve your mood, reduces stress and anxiety by helping you calm down.

This results in better overall sleep quality, improved endocrine functions, etc.

Lemon Balm is also known to help you improve focus, alertness, etc.


This is an adaptogenic amino acid.

It helps your body deal with stressful situations and overcome anxiety.

This compound helps your body unwind slowly before bed.

It lowers your body temperature to help your muscles relax.

This leads to you getting to sleep faster and easier.

You get more rest during sleep and also enter anabolic burst wave sleep more often.


Studies have shown that Chamomile is a powerful herb that induces relaxation and sleep.

Many forms of traditional medicine use it as a suppressant to lower neuron activity.

It improves your sleep efficiency by almost 200%.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower improves your sleep quality by up to 270%, according to recent research.

It helps increase the number of hours you sleep, resulting in an exponential improvement in hormone production.

The creators also suggest that you modify your sleep pattern, habits, etc, to enjoy anabolic burst wave sleep more often.

This will have a greater result, coupled with the regular use of Man Sleep supplement, they claim.

Benefits Of Man Sleep

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The better sleep you get with the use of the Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement in and itself is sufficient to improve your overall wellbeing.

But you can expect much more with the boost in testosterone production.

Some of the many Man Sleep benefits are given below.

  • Deeper sleep for longer periods.
  • Complete rest and relaxation.
  • Improved free testosterone production.
  • Greater endocrine functions.
  • Helps you shed excess weight and unwanted belly fat.
  • Improves your mood, helps deal with stress and anxiety.
  • The energy that won’t stop until you do.
  • Improves your sexual performance and stamina.
  • Get all your day’s work done.
  • Be among the top performers at your job.
  • Combat brain fog and confusion.
  • Improve your thinking and intelligence.
  • Confidence and Self Esteem.

You will experience many more benefits with regular and dedicated use of the Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement.

For more details on its benefits, please visit their website.

Man Sleep Side-Effects, Dosage, And Usage

You need to take one serving of Man Sleep 30 minutes before bed.

This is an optimized dosage that fits all men.

It contains all that you need to improve your sleep and, in turn, your testosterone production.

This is regardless of body type, age, and previous medical history, and requires no further modification.

As mentioned in the Man Sleep review, take three pills a day, with water. And just go to sleep.

It is recommended that you consult a physician before taking the Man Sleep supplement if you suffer from some other health concern.

And this formula should not be given to those below 18 years of age and should be kept out of the reach of children.

As said in the Man Sleep review, this 100% natural, herbal formula poses no health threats to anyone.

And there are no Man Sleep side-effects you need to worry about.

Man Sleep Price And Where To Get It?

You can ensure that you are getting the authentic Man Sleep supplement formula by purchasing it from the official website.

Beware that it is available only on the official website.

You might come across fakes that look to capitalize on the legitimacy of this formula.

Needless to say, they won’t give you any of its great benefits.

Nor the 90- Day Money-Back Guarantee that you can get only on the official website.

Man Sleep supplement is available today at very cheap rates as part of a limited period promotional offer.

You can also subscribe to a monthly supply that is even cheaper, to get it shipped automatically to your address.

The packages available are:

  • 1 Bottle, 30 Servings- $57+ S&H.
  • 3 Bottles, 3 Month Supply- $141.00+ Free Shipping.
  • Monthly Subscription, 30 Servings- $47.00+ Free Shipping.

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Final Verdict

All in all, the Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement and its cutting-edge formula of pure and natural herbs have so much to offer to men of all ages.

It helps them gain a good night’s rest which boosts their hormone levels.

This kind of deep anabolic sleep will ensure abundant levels of testosterone in your body.

You will wake up every morning with renewed energy and confidence.

Man Sleep supplement will help you take on life’s many challenges and succeed.

It will ensure that you are among the top performers at your job, gym, and with your partner.

You will look good as the unwanted fat is burned up.

And your partner will love and appreciate you for the incredible experience you enjoy within the bedroom.

So, I suggest you too should give the Mitanutra Man Sleep supplement a try today.

You can also enjoy the happiness and satisfaction many men have gained with the Man Sleep supplement, starting today, risk-free.

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