Infatuation Scripts Review – Clayton Max ‘s Make Him Sure You’re The One Review


Infatuation scripts, the brainchild of Clayton Max and Emma and it takes one through all the secret phrases that can be used to not only make any man fall head over heels for you, but also ensure that he feels that you’re the only one for him; the woman of his dreams that he has always dreamed of spending his entire life with.

It reveals to user the step by step method to make your man commit to you and forget all the other women around you.

Women usually have the tendency of trying too hard to please the man she likes and that often ends up making the man want to run in the opposite direction, sadly even into the arms of another woman who isn’t even trying at all.

The truth is that men do not fall in love with your cooking or your looks or your ability to constantly chase them, but instead they feel hooked in the way you make them feel emotionally.

This is where Infatuation script works its magic! It shows you how to emotionally connect with your man and not just get to his heart but also stay there.

This program promises to teach users to user her own heart and feelings to connect to that of the man she likes, making him want to commit to no one but her.

What Is Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation Scripts is a program which focuses on helping out women who were rejected by the man they found to be “the one”.

It’s even possible to be with a man in your past relationship when you apply the program’s techniques.

Clayton Max is a young bachelor, but now married to a beautiful woman.

He was once terrified of commitment but somehow, this woman got him bending his knee and proposing marriage.

What made her different from other women?

The secret is, a man does not want to be completely in control.

Most women let their partner push them around and make them do tasks.

But a man looks for adventure and excitement.

Let’s be straight to the point, a man wants a woman who is in control – a dominant person.

But then, there is a balance between the relationship.

The man and woman can be in control in certain situations.

Clayton Max is saying; don’t spoil him by letting him have control over your relationship.

Stop having a boss-employee relationship.

The reason you even call each other a partner, significant other, is because you treat each other as equals.

In Infatuation Scripts, it teaches you three basic techniques to lure a man:

  • Curiosity Script

When you meet a man, avoid putting down all your cards.

Cards as in, all the information about you. Remember, men love challenges.

So, if you’re still a mystery to him, he’ll have an urge to get to know you more. You’ll have more dates and time with him, but at the end of each day, make him guess.

  • Investment Script

The second phase is through making him do more effort than necessary.

If he really wants you, he’ll make an effort. This is where you’ll see how he wants you to like him and he would do anything to have time with you.

  • Uncertainty Script

A man doesn’t always want to be in control, if you play hard to get then it will definitely drive him crazy.

Be in control of the situation, because an independent woman is seen as a sexy and hot personality. Make him guess what is in your mind, and he’ll do the rest.

Most women merely use these three techniques, and immediately got the man they want. But in the program, you will be given nine more techniques.

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Contents Of The Program

With years of research, Clayton Max compiled a total of twelve techniques (three was already mentioned) to aid women in their romantic relationship.

These methods were proven effective by many women who wrote their reviews about the program.

Due to the high demand of Infatuation Scripts, it has shaken the business industry and psychologists.

Below are the nine methods:

  • Independence Script

A man doesn’t want a woman who clings to him and asks for his help every single time. They get tired of this routine, but if they meet a woman who is independent, they find it amusing and intriguing.

In this method, you’ll learn how to step up for yourself and do tasks independently. It may make some men insecure about themselves but the majority would find it sexy.

  • Intrigued Script

In this technique, the main purpose is to make him interested. It focuses on making your relationship interesting, don’t bore him. This will also aid you to catch his attention, sooner or later, you’ll see how he texts you a lot. Take note, make him wait when he texts you. You’ll drive the man crazy.

  • Cliffhanger Script

Like in a book, the reader would feel it’s not enough. Meanwhile, after spending time with a man, make him want to see you again. In this method, you’ll make the man think “the time we spent isn’t enough”.

Thus, end the conversation as if there is a lot more stories to tell. Make him want to talk to you, you’ll see how he would urge to be with you every single day.

  • Barrier Script

From the word, barrier, it draws a line in the relationship. You can open up and tell about your desires but he cannot be completely in control, there should still be a thin line on the relationship. It’s better to keep that in mind, always.

  • Curveball Script

Curveball is more specifically known in baseball, you would think it’s easy to hit the ball but then when it’s in close proximity, it would go into a different direction.

This applies to your relationship, make him think he knows everything about you but at the end, he’ll still find you mysterious and alluring.

  • Shaping Script

This is a phase where a man’s feelings grow stronger for you. When you apply the other method, he would feel attached to the woman who you truly are. The method is changing his outlook on you, he’ll slowly get addicted to your simple gestures.

  • Temptation Script

In this method, sexual desires will come into play. Even if you don’t have the looks but the body or personality, there won’t be any problem. You can simply make him want you in bed by using simple but sexual words.

This will tease him, and I’m pretty sure, he would beg you to stay with him for the rest of his life. Specifically, in bed and naked.

  • Uninterest Script

In this technique, your goal is to make him feel he needs to up his game. You will show that you’re paying attention to his efforts but then, you’ll give him mix signals. Signals such as you want him but he’s missing something. Or, you’re not sure so he needs to prove more.

  • Urgency Script

The last method is by making him panic that maybe, he will lose you. So, if a man really wants you, he will try to find a way to get your attention and make you want him back.

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What Do You Get?

When you buy the program, you will also receive three bonuses to completely make you get the man of your dreams. You’ll no longer feel alone, just make sure to apply the methods and read the following:

  • Commitment Calculator

In this book by Cavallo, he shares life-changing stories and the reasons behind a man’s phobia in commitments. You will be aware of what to avoid in order to trigger the man to freak out. One mistake is by obsessing on him until he feels he’s wearing a leash.

  • Make Any Man Yours For Life

Amy North is known to be one of the best relationship coaches, she talks about the importance of avoiding cheating. It also includes on the action you need to do if he already cheated, if he hasn’t it’ll be what you need to make him want you.

  • Why Men Shut Women Out

In the book, why men shut women out by Shaw, it gives you a set of questions and answers on why men act in a way. Then, you will have scenarios and you would need to apply what you learn in the activity.

How does this Program Work?

The Infatuation Script program is a downloadable PDF that contains various scripts that include secret gestures and phrases that trigger his ‘infatuation instinct’ which basically makes the main focus on all his desires and love on the user, while shutting out any other women.

To trigger the instincts, the eBook includes:

  • Investment Scripts – that encourages your man to keep trying hard to get you.
  • Curiosity Scripts – To create a strong urge in him to know you better until he can’t seem to stop thinking about you.
  • Independence Scripts – to increase his desire to pursue you by making it seem that you’re hard to get.
  • Cliffhanger Scripts – Phrases that are used at the end of the conversations to make him feel a strong urge to see you again.
  • Uncertainty Scripts – To make him go crazy when he’s with you.
  • Intrigue Scripts – to grab his attention and make him extremely curious about you.
  • Barrier Scripts – to make your desires known without giving him control over your relationship.
  • Temptation Scripts – to tempt him to pursue you.
  • Shaping Scripts – to strengthen his feelings of infatuation.
  • Curveball Scripts – to seem mysterious and increase his curiosity about you.
  • Urgency Scripts – to make it seem like he’ll lose you if he doesn’t act quickly.
  • Interested-but-not-sold Scripts – To awaken hope in him and make it seem like he has a chance to win you over with his hard work.

All you have to do is to follow the program religiously and devotedly to get the man of your dreams.

The program is designed in such a way that it works on almost all men of all age groups without a fail.

Whether you desire a man of younger age or older age, just follow the instructions carefully and you will find yourself there in his heart soon.

It is in fact not wrong to say that this program opens a door to your man’s heart and make you come close to him no matter what.

  • Already Decided?

Get started by clicking download now. Your purchase is backed by 60 Days Iron Cloud Money Back Guarantee.

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What else you get along with this program?

When you buy this program you don’t only get the main program guide, but many other bonus guides that can help you win your man’s heart and will make him yours forever.

The three bonus guides that you get absolutely free along with this program include:

  • Make Any Man Yours for Life – Amy north, the author of this report is not only a dating and relationship coach, but also a bestselling author who enlists 12 signs that your guy is cheating, 9 steps to cheat proof a relationship, the reasons why men cheat and various other useful advice and tips.
  • The Commitment Calculator – Carlos Cavallo, an attraction and dating coach shares the secret behind commitment phobic men, the truth behind why men covertly want a committed relationship and 7 signs that can make a man go from being very interested to not at all.
  • Why Men Shut Women Out – This bonus is by Slade Shaw, who is a dating coach and author. This report gives honest answers about relationships and men and so much more.


  • The techniques talked about in this ebook can be used on most men: your husband, your boyfriend or even the guy you’ve just met. The authors have made sure that the scripts are subtle which removes the fear of getting caught.
  • The main concept and steps are very easy to understand and use. There is no need to by heart everything. User can skim through the guide and decide on which script will work on her man.
  • The added bonuses give the user a deeper understanding into relationships and men.
  • The 60 day refund policy gives user 2 months to see if the program works for them and if it doesn’t, a full refund can be requested, making it a risky free choice.


  • It does require commitment and dedication. If user has no patience or is lazy, this program might not be the best choice for them as though the script sounds magical, it does require users’ dedication to see tangible results.
  • It’s not very economical for small budgets. Clayton’s experience in this field shows the credibility of this program, but it may not be an affordable option to those who need help with their relationship problems but have a limited budget.
  • The program is available in digital format only. The book is not currently available as a printed book and hence it limits the access to it for those who do not have access to a laptop/other smart devices.

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For 5 years, I have done every technique which I thought would make the man I desire, want me.

But everything I do seems to be ineffective.

I would change my looks, put makeup, and talk less. I was more of a submissive person in a relationship.

Little did I know that what I’m doing is completely wrong! I decided to seek professional help and the relationship coach gave me her review of this program.

And as soon as I purchased it, I found how it gave me more opportunities than other techniques I have used.

Same goes for other people who wrote reviews of the program, it was an explainable blessing from most women who tirelessly looked for a solution.

You can practically read everything in the books in just a month!

In simple easy steps, I was able to lure the man of my dreams, and our marriage is in December.

It’s a great feeling when you know the man in front of you loves you with all his heart.

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