Drone X Pro Review: Where to Buy Drone X Pro & How it Works?

If you are planning to buy Drone X Pro, then it will be good to check its review, features, specification, and other details about it.

Drone X Pro Introduction

We are living in an innovative world, where technology is booming and it is also true that every day, we learn about some new development or new technology. Technology is helpful for people, and it helps people to get the work done faster and more efficiently. Technology is booming more so as it appears in the well in the tech-savvy fiction films where the machines have their own brain. One of the best technologies is Drone, it is a modern marvel that impressed many people of different fields like military, photography, and more as well as it also captured the imagination of the common people.

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As everyone knows about the Drone, it is the most technological achievement that made a huge impact on our lives. When we think about Drones, then the most common thing that comes to mind is that they are heavy and difficult to carry. If you are a beginner then definitely you will face problems in the initial paste when you have to pilot it, as drones are really expensive, so if you are a beginner then definitely crashing of a drone will come to your mind which will ruin all your money. But now there is a solution, Drone X Pro is one of the great choices and most demanding among the people.

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How Drone X Pro Works

Many people want to know how Drone X Pro works, so if you are also interested to know then here you will come to know, how it actually works:

  • It is easy beautifully designed with usability in mind, it means easy to carry and during transportation
  • Small design enhanced by the foldable blades, and the drone will comfortably fit into hand’s palm when folded
  • Blades are folded inwards that provide protection during transportation
  • Extra blades also available, one can replace whenever one wants
  • It can be placed easily into the rucksack ready for an adventure
  • Quick to charge, you can also use the multiple lithium batteries during the flight
  • It has a wide-angle lens which will enable you to record HD videos (videos at 120 frames per second and professional photographs with a 12-megapixel camera)
  • It also has Slow-motion mode through which you can replay the highlights of the adventure in HD slow-motion option
  • Flying time of Drone X Pro will allow to fly and record up to 12 minutes without changing the batteries
  • While flying, the easy to use controls and a built-in gravity sensor will ensure that collisions are avoided
  • The drone is a completely remote-controlled that is equipped with two sticks for steering and buttons for the complete control of it, it can also be linked with the Smartphone to see the live images directly from the Drone camera
  • Before flying the Drone, you need to turn on WiFi on your phone and connect to the Drone, to see the live feed, you just have to open the Drone App and press ‘Play” button to start
  • Promo videos indicate that it can perform 360-degree loops simply by pressing a button that includes the horizontal loop, turning the drone upside down for a split-second before it returns to its right-side-up position
  • It has a pair of buttons that provide auto take-off and auto-landing on the remote control
  • It has a built-in sensor which will override the controls in a situation that craft could collide with an object
  • It is mentioned “at a speed of up to 19 meters per second,” which equates to around 42.5 miles an hour
  • The camera of Drone X Pro is of good quality, it can take 12MP photos, can do Panorama mode, has a 12-degree viewing mode

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What are the Features of Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro has amazing features, so here are the features which will help you to understand the importance of it in a better way:

  • Simple Design – It is small in size, which makes it easy to use and carry
  • Easy to Carry – Blades can be folded, so that design make to ease for the people during the transportation
  • Easy to Use, even at Complicated Places – The small size of drone make it easy to carry wherever you are going, even it is a great option for the film shoot or photography
  • Drone X Pro has more flying time to Other – It can fly and film up to 12 minutes, without changing the batteries
  • Take HD Videos and Photos – It record HD video 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 MP
  • Gravity Sensor – The sensors are able to detect the obstacles doing flight and change the flying course automatically to avoid the collision with other obstacles in the air or ground
  • Panorama Mode – It can capture a 360-degree photo when it is in the air with just one click from the remote control
  • Slo-no Mode – One can see the highlights of adventures HD video in slow motion option
  • It also has a headless mode that allows you to operate the Drone from wherever you please without moving an inch
  • The drone has an air press altitude hold that allows the drone to hover for a long time

What are the Benefits of Drone X Pro?

When a person thinks about buying Drone X Pro, then definitely one will think about its benefits. So, here are the benefits of Drone X Pro:

  • Easy to carry
  • Stable flight while flying
  • Capture HD videos and amazing pictures
  • Can be controlled and accessed by phone
  • Make it fly high
  • Made with the latest technology
  • Adopted 2.4GHz technology, which covers almost every feature of a premium quality drone
  • Safe while flying
  • With ‘One key to return’, it will come back to the remote carry person
  • Drone X Pro is super safe, with its latest technology it never gets lost while it is in the air
  • Has a power to rotate it 360 degree
  • Speed can be controlled easily
  • Bright pictures, Drone X Pro has an LED light in front
  • An ideal option for the night time photoshoot or videography
  • High Strength and resistant engineering plastics, which make it solid and super light

These are the benefits of Drone X Pro, which makes it easy to use for the people, especially for beginners.

Specifications of Drone X Pro

Here are the specifications of Drone X Pro:

  • It consists of a cordless motor 0720
  • Manual is available in English, which is easy to understand
  • Have compatible software and system which supports all android version, from version 2.2 to above
  • Support iOS with version 5.11 and above
  • Drone X Pro can control and connect with the Android or iOS application
  • The app is available on Google Play store, or one can activate it with a scan of QR code that is available on the manual which one will receive with Drone X Pro
  • It can be used Indoor or Outdoor
  • It is Quadcopter model 720x
  • It has a Brushed Motor type
  • It is the Brushed version with WiFi App Control, WiFi FPV, and Camera

What Are Functions of Drone X Pro ?

If you are looking for the Drone X Pro function, then here they are:

  • Air Press Altitude Hold (Backward/ Forward)
  • Headless Mode
  • Gravity Sense Control
  • One Key Taking Off
  • Roll, Sideward flight
  • Turn left/right,Up/down
  • Level Calibration
  • WiFi Connection
  • LED Light in front to see at night
  • One Key Landing
  • Wifi Connection
  • Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, then people are more curious to know about it because, for any Drone, connectivity plays an important role. Drone X Pro comes with great technology, which has very good connectivity. It has remote control connectivity which is of 2.4GHz wireless remote control.

Even though it also has the Radio mode (WiFi app is used to connect), Drone X Pro has Channel with no transmitter, not compatible with an additional gimbal, the details control distance is 80M, and FPV distance is near about 50M.

Battery & Camera

When you think about Drone X Pro, then there are multiple things has to be considered and, after the specification and features, people look for the battery and camera. So, in Drone X Pro, the battery is 3.7V with a 500mAh lithium-ion battery which comes with a JST connector.

Flying time of Drone X Pro is 6 to 8 minutes, the size of the battery is 7 * 2 * 1.8cm, charging time to charge the full battery is about 60 minutes, and the weight of the batter is only 22g. The camera of Drone X Pro is just 0.3 MP, but it captures good photos.

Do many people think that is it worth to buy a Drone X Pro or not? If you are thinking, then you must have known that it is a great product which comes with the latest technology and has great features and specifications. If you like to go out for an adventure trip, want to shoot some videos or pictures, then it would be a great product for you. Drones are available at different prices, so you can shop the one as per your budget and requirement.

If you like to buy the product for the photoshoot or for the short videography, then Drone X Pro will be one of the best products. It is available online, you can buy it easily.

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