Click Wealth System Review – Is It A Quick Money Scam?


Hello everyone, I am John Crestani, and I would like to thank you for visiting my Click Wealth System review.

After watching Matthew Tang’s video presentation, it seems Click Wealth Profit is the only lifetime chance to make $10,000 a month.

The name of the program alone seems to be like selling you the idea of making money is easy and just a few clicks away. However, is it legit?

Whenever I saw someone saying he has a ‘step-by-step and easy-to-follow method’ of making money online, I assume it’s a scam.

However, I don’t just want to jump to a conclusion just yet. All I’m saying is, at first glance, it seems like Click Wealth System is another get-rich-quickly scam.

I decided to join the program to see if it really delivers what it is claiming on the official website.

I am working online for more than five years, and I have worked with many online millionaires.

I am 100% sure it will take many clicks if it helps in making some profit.

In this review, I will talk about Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System, how it works, how much investment it will need, and I also share my doubts about this program.

Who knows, I may be wrong, and it provides a super-secret money-making method that I may not know yet.

Let’s start this review.

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Click Wealth System Review – Brand Overview

Click Wealth System is a genuine software that introduces people to the affiliate marketing system and trains them on how to generate regular income.

You can complete the entire course online using the training videos and PDFs created by the founder.

If you are someone whose life is restricted from paycheck to paycheck or working overtime to pay your medical bills, you understand the value of additional income.

The internet is full of scams and fraud schemes trying to fool in the name of quick and easy money.

Click Wealth System seems to be one of those few real deals that can generate a regular cash influx without much effort.

The program is designed by Matthew Tang, who has spent quality time exploring all kinds of money-making options on the internet and zoomed in on the one that really works.

Matthew came to fame as the “Daily Profit Maker” and through this program, he wishes to share his wealth making tricks with common people who are caught in the financial web.

In the introduction video found on the website, Mathew narrates his inspiring journey from being an aspiring accountant to a multi-millionaire.

‘Customer Middleman Arbitrage’ – that’s the big secret to making quantifiable money on the internet according to Matthew.

What does that mean? Bringing the right customers to the right website.

Visit the Official Website of Click Wealth System for the Latest Deal

What Is Click Wealth System All About?

Click Wealth System is a make money online program launched by Matthew Tang from Singapore.

According to him, Click Wealth System has every tool and information that one needs to start making money online even if he hasn’t made a dime online.

Matthews explained his system inside a 13-minute video that you can watch by clicking the image below:

Inside the video, you’ll hear Matthew talks about a method to make money online, and he calls it “Customer Middleman Arbitrage,” and it works in three stages:

  • Stage 1: Choose “verified customer source” from their provided list.
  • Stage 2: Set up a website using their cloud software in 5 clicks.
  • Stage 3: Become a middleman and bring customers to your website from customer sources.

This ‘secret’ method is not new, and internet markers are using this method for ages to make money online. It is called “Affiliate Marketing” – a verified and trusted way to make money online.

But does that mean Click Wealth System is a legit program?

Well, not necessarily. Read this next section to find the answer to this question.

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Pros of Click Wealth System:

  • A comprehensive software
  • Easy step by step guidance
  • Guided personally by the founder
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Premium support community
  • No need for prior experience
  • Legit and tested system
  • Rock bottom charges
  • Invest just a few hours per day
  • Assurance of a steady income
  • A chance to enjoy financial freedom

Cons of Click Wealth System:

  • May require further investment to buy extra traffic.

How Does Click Wealth System Work?

Matthew doesn’t claim you will become a millionaire by using this system. And, it is rightly so.

This program can help someone who is a newbie, but you should run a mile away from it if you are already making affiliate sales.

Click Wealth System is a cloud-based software that allows you to select from pre-built website templates along with their opt-in page.

Then, you will get the option to choose one of the ClickBank products to sell to people through email.

But how will people come to your website?

Solo Ads.

Click Wealth System recommends Solo Ads to get these emails.

In this paid advertising method, you will be purchasing 100 clicks from a vendor or company and send your product offers to them.

If you have a health-related product, you can pay a seller to send people to your website who are interested in the health-related topic.

It will increase your chances of making a sale because you are promoting the product to the related audience.

Many internet gurus don’t rate solo ads highly, but in my opinion, solo ads are one of the fastest ways to get traffic and build an email list.

My experience with Solo Ads is so-so.

I have made some sales online with solo ads, but my advice is to start with a smaller number of clicks (100 or 200) from different sellers and find which one converts best.

Many fake sellers are offering solo ads. I always type seller name + solo ads in Google because buying solo ads.

I know it may sound overwhelming right now, but Matthew explained all these steps through videos, PDFs, and screenshots.

Visit the Official Website of Click Wealth System for the Latest Deal

What You’ll Get Inside It?

Matthew Tang wants many people to join Click Wealth System, and for this reason, he is asking just $9 as joining fees to pay for hosting and other online expenses.

Once users start making money online, then they can purchase upsells to increase website conversation.

Matthew Tang divided the whole program into three steps so that people can quickly get through them and take advantage of their investment.

Step 1: Introduction To The System:

In this section, Matthew has provided a video that you step you to understand how this program works.

It teaches you all the process, from creating a ClickBank account to maximizing your profits.

Along with that, you will also get “Done-for-you” websites which you can customize and sync with your email responder.

Once you complete this step, you will have a proper understanding of the process.

Step 2: Master The System:

Once you understand this system, you will get some tips from Matthews on increasing your website conversations.

Some of these tips are popular among marketing experts because they increase sales or conversations.

Step 3: Join The Elite:

The third method is about joining the secret Facebook group in which you can seek help from other users or read conversation tactics used by experts to multiply their income.

This group can teach you the best method for selecting ClickBank products, how to get free traffics, how to promote ClickBank products through social media, and much more.

What is an Affiliate Marketing System?

Affiliate Marketing is the buzzword in the online marketing landscape and that’s because a majority of the people who desire to make money online get started with affiliate marketing.

In simple terms, this is a process of earning a commission by promoting a brand’s products or services.

It works on a revenue-sharing basis.

You generate more sales for a company and they reward you with a share of their profit.

In affiliate marketing terms, a merchant is the product creator, an affiliate is a marketer and the consumer buys that product.

Unlike traditional marketing, there are individual affiliates in affiliate marketing instead of marketing agencies.

These people may choose to promote products listed on big retail websites like Amazon or eBay or they can market independent products.

Either way, they will receive a commission every time sales are generated through their leads.

Visit the Official Website of Click Wealth System for the Latest Deal

Benefits of Click Wealth System:

It is evident that the Click Wealth System is packed with potential.

Once you gain the membership, there are several benefits that you reap.

We list down some of the prominent ones for you.

  • Legit and tested program: The concepts and tips that Matthew teaches you are based on his own experience with internet earning. He and thousands of others like him have been steadily earning a sustainable income.
  • Strong support community: As a newbie, there is no need for you to get overwhelmed. You will be connected to a strong support community that will guide you by giving timely advice and help.
  • Best for beginners: Click Wealth System is best suited for average people who have minimal understanding of affiliate marketing but have a desire to earn big. Using this digital guide, even inexperienced people can kick start their career as an affiliate.
  • Seamless interface: As Matthew says, his friend has worked hard in creating a software and website that is effortless to use. The well-laid-out navigation system simplifies the entire process like no other program.
  • Realize your big and small dreams: Is it a family vacation or buying a house of your own? No matter what your dreams are, they can come true with Click Wealth System. Day after day, you will be able to excel at earning money through this system.

Visit the Official Website of Click Wealth System for the Latest Deal

What Is The Cost Of Click Wealth System?

When it comes to the price, you already know you can get this system in just a one-time payment of $9.

You will get unrestricted access to tools, pdfs, videos, and screenshots.

However, you also have the option to purchase upsells to increase website conversation.

However, there will be some extra cost to apply these techniques.

You have to pay $15 to email the autoresponder (GetResponse)

Then, you will have to buy solo ads from one of the trusted sources recommended in this program. The price starts from $80 for 100 clicks.

Overall, you will be paying somewhere $110 to test these techniques.

Final Verdict

Click Wealth System is a legit program, and newbies and beginners can use it to start making affiliate income.

This program may not make you a millionaire, but you can use this program to step into affiliate marketing.

In just $9, you will get in-depth knowledge about affiliate marketing, and you will also get a roadmap towards making your first affiliate sale.

If you have $100-200 to invest and want to make another income source, give it a try.

I have used solo ads in the past to sell affiliate products and build an email list for my clients.

If you get solo ads from a trusted seller, then you can get a good ROI.


Q. Can Click Wealth System help You Get Financial freedom?

Certainly, it can, according to its founder and several genuine users who have shared their experiences on the website.

You work as a middleman dealing directly with real customers and client websites.

For bringing them business, these big brands are ready to reward you handsomely.

Click Wealth System claims that you can earn up to $579 per day by spending just a few hours on their website.

Now that sounds like financial freedom.

Q. Is There A Bonus?

Yes, Matthew offers a bunch of bonus tips and hacks along with the Click Wealth System e-book to further help the users.

These nuances of the trade will help you excel at getting a strong foothold in the affiliate market setup and churn out a good profit.

Such a bonus will boost your overall performance in the long run.

Q. Is there a downside to Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is a real deal and can yield amazing results, there are no two ways about it.

But it is not instant nor for lazy people.

Upon understanding the market, it is up to you how you choose the websites from ClickBank and generate traffic for them.

Matthew’s program may kickstart your online earning journey but growth comes at a cost.

You may have to further invest in other training material, software or buy additional traffic to scale up your profit.

It goes without saying that online earning like any other business comes with its own set of risks.

It is important to understand, recognize and mitigate them from time to time.

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